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Why? Because I said so, solider! Kidding, that's not our approach to management. Although we're certainly getting inspired by the US Delta forces for their ruthless selection and training process, incredible efficiency and organized operations, we've left out the authority bit from the army-like culture.

When it comes to company culture, the "Wired" part of our name prevails: shorts, flip-flops, hoodies, music blasting, coffee mugs all over and thrice as many screens as people in the open space! Relax, though - we don't mind suits and ties, high heels or shining shoes if that's how you roll. When it comes to our people, we're looking for the intangible value that they can bring to the table regardless of nationality, gender, orientation, age and alike.

So why? Well, because you hate corporate boredom and you feel like empowering entrepreneurs to shake up the world. Because you're smarter than a monkey and want to put your brain cells to good use! So book your seat below and join the rocket ship by applying below.

Current Openings


Technical Intern
Technical - Denmark
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Digital Marketing Intern
Digital Marketing
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Junior Project Management Intern
Project Management
  • Copenhagen, Denmark